How to Shoot A Compound Arrow Without Sight?

Archery is an age-old sport. It has its origin rooting back to the stone age where man hunted down animals using bow and arrow. The art evolved according to human lifestyle. Archery made animal hunting easier. Later it was used for saving one from other human beings who are enemies. Archery was a part of warfare during ancient times.

The art has not yet lost its glory as it continues to be a celebrated sport. Archery symbolises perfection. It highlights an individual’s expertise in concentration, calculation, and accuracy in hitting a target.


Initially, man used a bow and arrow only, to shoot his target. As days passed, many accessories joined to ease the work of an archer.

A modern bow and arrow appear more sophisticated than a traditional one. It is called a compound bow. It has more accessories that make shooting easy too. It contains a lever system comprising cables and pulleys that are used to bend the limbs. For the ease of targeting at long distance, there is an accessory called the sight.

Sight helps in precise aiming long distances. However, the real skill of an archer is known when they shoot without sight. It is also the traditional method of shooting in archery. Now, that we have known about the compound bow, let us also know how to use a compound bow.

The following steps describe the method to handle a compound bow.

1.Warm Up Before You Aim

Concentration plays a key role in archery. Your capacity to concentrate determines your accuracy in shooting the target. Therefore, you have to maintain a calm and peaceful mind before you start. Do some meditation and also do some stretching exercise for your whole body as it will also help your body to rejuvenate and release tension from your mind.

2.Position Yourself In The Right Way

Bend your knees and keep any foot in the front and there should be a few centimetres gap between your feet. Balance your weight between your feet.  Your feet and shoulder should appear like they are 90 degrees apart. One should also keep in mind that they should not lean in any direction. Practise this position until you are ready to use a compound bow.

3.Hold the bow in a proper manner

Holding the bow is crucial in handling a compound bow. You will need to grab the bow’s handle. Keep in mind that your fingers and palms should be in a relaxed state. You should make sure that you apply pressure on the lower side of your thumb. Rotate your hand, but do not push your hand against the bow. You will have to practise how to hold your bow to maintain proper position while shooting. Learning also helps you avoid accidents such as twisting the bow while trying to hit at the target.

4.Assure The Bow Is Next To Anchor Points

An anchor point is a final point at which you stop drawing the bow before you release the arrow. It is also the point in which your bow string comes in contact with your face. The anchor point is important as it determines the accuracy of your shoot. When one does not maintain a steady anchor point, it will result in missed hits. Your anchor point may be any point on your face. Getting advice from an expert archer helps you determine your perfect anchor point. You can also know about some common anchor points.

  • Corner of your mouth

You should make sure your index finger touch the corner of your mouth. It is said to be suitable for beginners as it is easy to locate and place the point. You can apply trial and error methods to ensure you hit right.

  • Under the jaw

This point is a common anchor point which we would have witnessed in the movies/shows. Professional archers use this method as it gives more accuracy while shooting. In this position, your hand will be under your chin while the string is against your lips or nose.


Many archers aspire to learn how to shoot a compound arrow without sight. Shooting an arrow without sight requires tremendous practice and focus. One needs to be dedicated to excel in this art and has to give a part of the time in everyday life to learn this art.

However, there are various methods to tell how to shoot a compound arrow without sight.

Gap Shooting

Gap shooting is a common method used in shooting a compound bow without sight. As the name indicates, this method helps the archer aim above or below the target. You will have to draw an imaginary line in your mind to hit your assigned target. If you are 10 yards away from the target, you can aim the arrow at a spot below the target. In case you are 50 yards away from the target, you can aim at a point above the target.

You will have to adjust the bow keeping in mind these following factors

  • Distance and anchor point of the bow
  • Length and weight of your arrow

You will also have to ensure that you have a regular, repeatable cycle of the shots. You will have to maintain the proper position and aim with maximum accuracy. You need to practise this method until you hit the target without any difficulty.

String Walking

String Walking is a popular method to aim the target. Here, you will have to aim right in the centre of the target. Before releasing the arrow, you will need to move your hands from up to down and vice versa to determine how far you are away from the target.

Considering your distance and fixing your anchor point plays a key role in this method. Keep in mind that string walking is not applicable after a certain distance.

Face Walking

Face Walking is a simple yet effective method of shooting without sight. Unlike other methods where you move your draw hand to determine your distance, here you will need to move your anchor point above and below your face. Archers need to practise shooting in various anchor points to use this method efficiently. This method cannot be applied everywhere, as it is illegal in some competitions.

Instinctive Shooting

This method of shooting is popular since medieval times. The archer needs to determine where his arrow will hit. He then needs to draw the bow and hit the target. One needs more practice, efforts and dedication to excel in this method of shooting.

Archery requires immense patience to learn. One needs to practise intensely to excel in this art.

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