How To Make Seasoned Wood?

Winter is nearing, it is time to groom your log burner to create a perfect winter feels with warm and cosy fireplace! This is also the right time to pile up the wood required for burning. When it comes to wood, we often choose seasoned woods, as they are ready to burn.


Seasoned woods costs are double than the unseasoned woods. The costs correspond to the seasoning process of the wood. If you know how to season an unseasoned wood, you can reduce the expenses, and it also serves the reason why you should buy unseasoned firewood for your log burner.

Before moving deep into this, we should know how to recognise an unseasoned wood.

  1. Unseasoned wood will not have cracks.
  2. The bark will be firmly attached to the wood
  3. Moisture will be present and can be felt when touched
  4. The wood will be light-coloured
  5. The smell of the wood would be fresh

The right season to start collecting your woods is by the middle of summer. It is also a perfect time as you have sufficient sunlight and the wind that will help the seasoning of woods be smooth and uniform.  It takes six months for wood to be completely seasoned. However, seasoning duration varies from one wood type to another.

1.Cut and trim the wood to optimal shape

Before you start seasoning, cut the woods in proper shape and size that is required for burning. It will be perfect if the wood is shorter in length as it will occupy the burner space and also burns well.

2.Cover the ground

It is important to cover the ground where you place the wood as the ground may absorb moisture during rains, and it potentially affects the seasoning process.

3.Stack the woods in one row

Stacking the woods in a row ensures uniform penetration of sunlight and wind. Arranging the woods facing east to west direction facilitates directs sunlight on all times in a day. Do not tightly arrange the woods as moisture might not get out.

4. Do not cover the woods for a long time

It is fine to cover your wood when the rain comes but remove once the sky is dry. Covering up ruins seasoning process.


Thus, by seasoning the wood, you reduce a lot of expense and also gain the satisfaction of accomplishing a big task on your own.


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