The Go To Locations For The Best Sandwiches in the USA!!

 A sandwich or sub is universally loved as it is easy to make, and also tastes great. To experience the heavenly taste with a variety of flavours, you need to find out which sandwich chain serves the best. We have listed 10 Best Sandwich Fast Food Places In America.



Arby’s is one of the largest sub chains in America. They have over 3400 restaurants in America and many franchised restaurants around the world. The Classic Roast Beef and Beef and Cheddar sandwiches, and Curly fries are their signature snacks.

2.Jimmy John’s

Found in Illinois, Jimmy John’s are known for the authentic home-made bread they use for every sandwich. They also claim that their meat is real with no additives, artificial flavourings and vegetables are hand-sliced. Their signature sandwich is JJ Gargantuan made on fresh French Bun.

3.Jersey’s Mike

Jersey’s Mike is also large sub chain with more than 750 restaurants opened across America. Its Headquarters is in New Jersey. Jersey’s Mike bread is fresh as they bake them daily. The meat and veggies here are fresh and hand-sliced once we order.

4.McAlister’s Deli

Found in Oxford, they have over 300 restaurants in 23 locations in the US. They are known for their organised menu ranging from Hot, Grilled, Club and Classic, added with seasonal offerings. Baked potatoes serve as their signature snacks.

5.Panera Bread

Originally called St. Louis Bread Company, they boast 1700 cafes’ around 44 states in the US. Along with mouth-watering sandwiches, they also offer classy ambience and great customer service that would make anyone go again. Their salads and toasty bread taste like no other. Their broccoli Cheddar soap gives the reason why one should often visit Panera Bread often.

6.Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli serves healthy sandwiches that are trans-fat free. They also offer gluten-free offerings that are good news for those who love to eat a sandwich without worrying about counting calories.

7.Which Wich?

Headquartered at Dallas, this sub chain is for those who love to have fun while they eat. Ordering a sandwich in Which Wich is unique. One has to mark a sandwich bag with their preference and enjoy the order after it arrives. Philly cheesesteaks and Reubens are their signature sandwiches.

8.Firehouse Subs

Found by firemen, one can get the feel of entering a firehouse by its unique interior design. The toasted sub they serve can be the best choice for those who want to try at Firehouse Subs. They also serve pickle which adds a good flavour.


Subway is a well-known sub chain across the world. They take customised orders where one has to inform what sub they want along with the veggies and meat and get served on the spot. Turkey and Ham sandwiches are a must try.

10. Quiznos

Found in Denver, they are well known for their melted cheese that makes every sub special. One must try Turkey sub from Quiznos as it is their best. Anyone would be willing to go to Quiznos the second time for its taste.

Real meat, fresh bread, Sleek veggies along with rich taste and the posh flavour is what makes a sandwich special.  Out of the 10 Best Sandwich Fast Food Places In America, Panera Bread gets a tick as they serve the best sandwiches with great ambience.

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