Alternate Modes Of Transport During The Summer

Summer is the least loved climate around the world. The scorching heat makes you melt once you are out of your home.  It makes travel feel like a lot more burden and energy consuming. Therefore it’s always a great decision to choose an alternate mode of transport during summer. There are some other modes of transports that make travel more easier, consumes less energy, which ultimately saves money. Let us see them all here.


A bus is a simple mode of transport during summer. The bus is suitable for those who prefer daily commuting with ample seatings. You can travel with 50-60 passengers at a time but still feel comfortable throughout your journey. There are options like bus pass which is cost effective as you can pay once and travel more. Another advantage of the bus is, you can get it anytime, anywhere thus making your commuting easy.



The train is a suitable mode of transport for those who have a well-planned schedule for their day. It comes at specific times, so you will need to know the timings beforehand. One advantage of a train journey is that you can get good seatings and can also carry more luggage with you. Like the bus pass, you also have a train pass which makes your travel even easier and costs less.


3.Electric Bikes

Electric biking is an apt option for those who prefer to take private transport, with less energy and cost consumption. An electric bike is nothing but a bicycle which has an electric motor that helps you with peddling. The electric bike starts when you start peddling. You can travel to any distance with an electric bike. If you compare travelling by car versus electric bike, the electric bike seems to be less energy consuming as you will not have to spend on oil like a car. It is not only an economical but also an eco-friendly option. Electric biking also helps you stay healthy.



4.Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboard is an obvious tick-off for those who love adventures in their daily life. The skateboard consists of a motor that controls its movement. It also has a motion sensor that detects your speed and controls it. The maximum speed an electric skateboard can travel is up to 25mph. The electric skateboard costs less and also less energy consuming. You will have to charge your electric skateboard once a day to enjoy it at its utmost speed. However, one will need to be precautious while travelling on a skateboard as it requires practice and presence of mind to use it.



Walking is an under-rated mode of transport. It is suitable for short distances, and you will get a clear glance about everything at the place you travel. It is also a healthy option as it will help you burn more calories without putting more effort as on a regular workout. It helps you get to know more, about the travel place. It is helping maintain your body weight and also reduces the effects of chronic diseases.


Choosing an alternate mode of transport during summer is an interesting task as it helps you know more about the available transport methods. Travelling in different modes will also make your summer season a lot more enjoyable than you imagine.


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