You are Able!!

Dear lovely woman,

Every woman must have gone through a phase in their life where they doubt their ability to accomplish great things in their life. They would feel less of themselves, they may have doubts about whether they can achieve, they would often compare themselves with others and would feel inferior about themselves, the people around them would make them feel miserable and so on.

Before taking a deep plunge into this, let us understand the meaning of ability. Ability is an individual’s capability to accomplish things in a certain area. You should understand that ability is a unique aspect of a person and has nothing to do with other’s achievements. Ability is innate, but it requires one to recognize and nurture it.

We women are powerful and able but equally shy to exhibit our talents. When it comes to caring, guiding, and helping others grow, we stand first, but when it comes to nurturing our own talents, we take a step backward and stay where we are. You should realize that it is equally important to develop your skills like you help others grow. This little self-help will take you a long way.

There are some factors which hold you back before you take your first step towards improving your capabilities.Let us see them one by one.

1. Ignorance

It is important to recognize your capabilities as an individual. When you are unaware of your skills, you may not be able to develop and make it your signature talent. Ignorance is the worst enemy that blocks your way to in finding your talent.

2. Doubts

You may have taken a step forward in trying to know what you are capable of, but your doubts push you back. Doubts are nothing but those questions that arise in your mind while you think of taking a step forward. Some of them are

  •  Would I be able to achieve success?
  • Will my circle be supportive during this journey? Would my daily routine be affected by this?
  •  What if I don’t progress and waste time?
  • What are the possibilities that I would succeed?
  •  What if I end up finding nothing special about me?
  •  Am I worth it?

These questions cloud your mind and cover it up from knowing your potential.

3. Procrastination

Procrastination is the most dangerous habit that any person needs to stop doing. Procrastination is a stumbling block in the path of success. It makes you lazy and unproductive. You may know your potential, and you may also know how to reach success, but procrastination makes you postpone things that you are supposed to do to move forward. It makes you feel it’s okay to start after some time. Thus, it creates an illusion that will stop your progress.

Now that you have seen what blocks your way towards knowing your abilities, let us know how we can eliminate them and move forward.

Do a self-research

Take some time for yourself in your everyday life. Experiment with new kinds of stuff daily. It may be art or something entertaining but never stop doing it. As days go, you will realize which attracts your interests and which won’t. Go with the one you can’t pass a day without thinking of it. Thus, through self-research, you will find out what comes well for you.

Develop your confidence

When doubts arise in your mind, answer them all. When you find anything that holds you back, respond to it positively. If your mind asks whether you can do it, tell it you can do it. When your mind doubts your self-worth, show that you are indeed worth it! That’s how you tackle a disturbed and doubtful mind.

Do it now!

When you want to do something, never postpone it! A proverb says “Do good things! Do it today(now)!” Anything that makes your soul smile is a good thing. Anything that makes you feel peaceful is a good thing. Anything that brings the best in you is a good thing. Therefore, your ability to achieve is also a good thing. So, start nurturing your potential abilities now!

You have the dynamism to do fabulous things. You only have to seek what comes best in you. When you realize your inner potential, no one in this world can stop you from achieving.

You Go Girl!!!

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